No. 3 Cracks in concrete structures (printed)

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Cracks in concrete structures – specially thermal cracks

Concrete Report No. 3 (E), 1994

Printed version

This report is not available in a digital version.

This report on cracks in concrete has been prepared on the initiative of the Association’s members. The question of the significance of cracks on the durability and function of concrete structures has in certain cases led to protracted discussions and sometimes, expensive remedial actions. Guidance in the technique of deciding on crack problems has been requested, above all in major infrastructure projects, and has even been regarded as being a matter of urgency.

It is therefore with satisfaction that we can now see the addition to the Swedish Concrete Association’s series of reports by just this report and it is also hoped that it will provide the guidance sought. Very warm thanks are extended to the man who provided the initiative, Bo Eriksson-Vanke of the Swedish National Rail Administration (Banverket), to those who provided the Association with the necessary financial support, that is, Banverket, The Swedish Council for Building Research (BFR), the Swedish Building Development Fund (SBUF), the Swedish Concrete Research Foundation and the Swedish National Road Administration (Vägverket), and, naturally, also to the entire committee and its chairman, Lennart Apleberger of NCC Teknik, who did the reporting work.

This committee work has, in accordance with agreements in the Nordic Concrete Association, been open to Nordic participation and the content of this report is made available freely to the concrete associations in the other Nordic countries.

Also availably in swedish.

Glue-bounded edition, format 21*29,7 cm, 85 pages.

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