was held at Chalmers Teknikpark,
Göteborg, Sweden,
Thursday 13th October 2011

Since 1975, the Nordic Concrete Federation Research Committee has promoted Nordic workshops or mini-seminars within in the field of concrete research. As the research on and the use of numerical modeling of reinforced concrete structures with the finite element method has increased rapidly over the last years, we have recently been able to arrange a Nordic workshop on this topic.  


  • Finite element analysis of concrete structures: Overview of research at Chalmers.
    Karin Lundgren, Chalmers   >> Link
  • Modelling of tie element tests and reflections of the results.
    Anette Jansson, Färdig betong   >> Link
  • Modelling of steel fibre reinforced concrete.
    David Fall, Chalmers   >> Link
  • Detailed study of the cracking process at the shear failure through FE analysis of beam tests. Mathias Flansbjer, SP   >> Link
  • Analysis of large corrosion penetrations.
    Kamyab Zandi Hanjari, CBI   >> Link
  • Multiscale modelling of coupled chloride-moisture diffusion in concrete.
    Filip Nilenius, Chalmers   >> Link
  • Sequentially linear analysis.
    Max Hendriks, TU Delft and NTNU   >> Link
  • A new safety format for non-linear finite element analysis.
    Mario Plos, Chalmers   >> Link
  • Finite element analysis of anchorage to concrete.
    Daniel Eriksson and Tobias Gasch, Vattenfall   >> Link
  • Examples on assessment of existing RC structures and design check of new RC structures using NLFEA. Mikael Hallgren, Tyréns   >> Link
  • Structural Design of a “Roundabout Bridge”, E45 Bohus.
    Helén Broo and Per Kettil, Skanska   >> Link
  • FE-Analysis and design of concrete structures using ANSYS and MultiCon.
    Espen Aas Smedsrud and Dan-Evert Brekke, Multiconsult   >> Link
  • Commercial FE software; what utilities would we want?
    Azmi Al-Eesa, Färdig betong   >> Link
  • Restraints in concrete structures.
    Morgan Johansson, Reinertsen   >> Link
  • Finite element analysis of historical masonry structures using non-linear material models.
    Folke Höst, Tyréns   >> Link
  • Simulation of Crack Propagation in Concrete Hydropower
    Dams. Richard Malm, KTH   >> Link
  • NL-FEA guideline for concrete girder analysis.
    Ane de Boer, Rijkswaterstaat – Centre for Infrastructure   >> Link
  • A guide for finite element analysis of structures.
    Mario Plos, Chalmers   >> Link