…to attend a lecture by Karen Scrivener, the winner of the prestigious Swedish Concrete Award 2015!


Award winner: Professor Karen Scrivener, EPFL
Time: Tuesday October 6th, between 15.00 – 16.00 (it starts 15:00 sharp, no academic quarter of an hour)
Place: KTH, Room F3, Lindstedtsvägen 26, floor 02, KTH, Stockholm See map

The lecture is free of charge for students, members and corporative members of the Swedish Concrete Association*. Note: Limited number of seats.

Karen Scrivener

Karen Scrivener is a world famous researcher within the field of concrete and cementitious materials and you are invited to attend her lecture Challenges for concrete at KTH October 6th.

Concrete is the most used material on earth, making up about half of everything human beings produce each year. It is, in fact, a very ecologically friendly material, but nevertheless, because of the enormous volumes, accounts for some 10% of anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Continuing to reduce this figure is a challenge both on a global and local level. In responding to this challenge we have to be realistic about the viable options. Unfortunately a substantial amount of research funding is being dedicated to overhyped unrealistic solutions which can never have a major impact. In this talk I will try to identify what are the real research needs and how we can bring these to the attention of governments and funding agencies.


*Register for the lecture here and get the chance to win tickets to the concrete conference Träffpunkt 15.