Vi gratulerar professor Michael I. Darter från Applied Research Associates (ARA) i USA!

2017 års Swedish Concrete Award-vinnare Professor Michael I. Darter samt Betongföreningens ordförande Johan Söderqvist. Priset delades ut under Betongdagen den 17 oktober av Betongföreningens ordförande Johan Söderqvist.


Professor Mike Darter has been awarded the Swedish Concrete Award 2017 for his outstanding contributions to the development of the art of concrete pavements during more than 40 years. Dr Darter combines theory and practice to a synthesis that has had a decisive influence on the development of design, construction and maintenance of concrete pavements manifested in the American Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG). Dr Darter has a rare talent in didactically and enthusiastically sharing his knowledge to a broad audience by his own way of assembling theories and long-term field experience into practical engineering.

Hans föredrag på eftermiddagen hade titeln Long & Winding Road to Today’s Highly Reliable Concrete Pavements.